Right here

greg ponthus
Greg Ponthus

“Stay right there, do not move.
I’ll come back, wait for me.”

Those words keep playing on my mind
Replaying memories, like videotapes
Of you running, and me chasing.
It’s been ages since you left me those words
But I kept them like I keep the stain of your lips in my body
Like scars, I did nothing to earn
And I will wait because you promised
I will wait because that’s the only thing I know
And one day, you’ll come back

And I’ll be right here,

Where you left me.




Daniel Merle

I placed my head on your shoulders
As you wrapped your arms around me.
As my eyelids touched the very fabric of your clothes,
I could not help but think of when all this will end.
Because everything that begins has an end.
Instead of allowing the thought consume me,
I smiled beneath the threads of your clothes.
Just because this will end does not mean I cannot enjoy it.


I mourn

For the things I have lost
The people I’ve handpicked
But heedlessly let escaped
I should’ve kept them

For this hollow frame
A wreckage of crooked parts
Wanting to fit
But never seem to

For the parts of me you took
And never returned

For all the questions you left me
I never found the answer

Perhaps I never will


Haiku Sunday #1 – Of home

(Photo is by Lavinia Dada)

Every piece of you

Your hands, neck and collarbones

Seem to feel like home



Hello! I’m going to start a new poetry series called ‘Haiku Sunday’. Basically, I will post a haiku every Sunday accompanied by an art. Follow this blog and stay tuned for more!

For the benefit of those who do not know what a haiku is, it is a traditional form of poetry that consists of 3 lines. The first and last lines have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7.

Like stars in somber nights

The first time they met
He came home with the widest smile
And with a throbbing heart
Beating so hard,
It reverberated outside his body
Filling the room with sound,
I felt his ardent affection for her
And from then on I knew she was special.

I could see her in everything he does,
I see her in his eyes,
Like stars in somber nights.
I see her in his mouth,
He spoke of her,
As if magic was coming out of his lips,

They kept each other’s hearts
Like engine gears,
Or chess pieces
One couldn’t function
Without the other.

And so I hope,
I hope that when the time comes
And the seas will separate you
And the miles will try to break you apart
That you will remember
How good it felt
When you held on to each other,
How nothing really mattered,
As long as both of you
Were together

Like chess pieces,
And engine gears.


This is dedicated to my great friend Prince and to his Abby. Happy Monthsary you guys!

What I really mean to say

Why do you say
‘I love you’
When what you really mean
Is you love the idea of me
Of possession
Of waking up in the morning
With someone thinking about you

Why do I say
‘I love you too’
When what I really mean is
I am lonely,
Hold me
Close and hard
And maybe these crooked fragments
Will piece themselves back together

Why do you say ‘I miss you’
When what you really mean is
You miss the summer
But when it already was summer
You said you miss the winter

So I say
‘I miss you too’
When what I really mean to say is
I miss you like the sun
It may set or rise
But it is always there
It exists not just because
I want it to

So you said
And I knew
From the moment I met you
That it will come to this

That’s why doorknobs are made in pairs
People are meant to leave
And maybe that’s the reason why the locks
In doorknobs are on the inside
You aren’t supposed to stop people from leaving
If they want to

So I said nothing
But what I really wanted to say was
Thank you
I’ll never forget you

But I hope I do