Before the sun rises


I stare at the empty chair across me
at the empty picture frame
at the broken wall clock that ticks slowly
I think of you

most nights I think of you
you lay beside me
as you hold my hand
and raise it against the fluorescent lamp
you’d squint as the light passes through
the crevices of our interlaced fingers

but I,
I will look at you
the light shining your face
it is perfect
it has always been

some nights
when I cant sleep
I stare at the empty picture frame
at 3:00 am
I think of you
of how you used to squint your eyes
when you see me from a distance
and how you would steal glances at me
and thought I didn’t know you were looking

but I knew,
I always knew
so, I stare at the darkness
and maybe
just maybe,
if I look hard enough
I’d see you here

but tonight
I think of you
just before the sun rises at 5:00 am
when you can only hear
the sound of distant cars passing
the city waking up
and the slow ticks of the broken wall clock

as I still stare at the empty chair,
at the empty picture frame

I think of you

and maybe
just maybe,

you are thinking
of me too


Why I haven’t been writing and what I’ve been doing the past 7 months since I last uploaded.


  1. I’ve been so busy this semester (being a junior in a university is tough). School sucks. No, wait, Accounting sucks.
  2. I got into a writer’s workshop: The 1st Cagayan de Oro City Writer’s Workshop (and I’ve been working really hard to enter other workshops this year as well). It was obviously helpful, but one thing it did do was that I became too critical of my poems and decided to discard many of them. It changed my creative process and I think it was necessary. For me to be able to write quality poems and not just ‘hugot’ poems. Y’know what I mean?
  3. I have written a lot of poems and short stories though. Was just too lazy to post them. Lol.
  4. I did a lot of painting too, water color. Trying to broaden my art horizons. Also, cool thing I won champion in a mural painting contest in a convention.
  5. I won 1st prize on a flash fiction narrative I wrote! (with cash prize so its LEGIT ya’ll)
  6. I’ve been planning to update real soon but with everything going on in school, I wasn’t able too.
  7. But here I am! It’s the second day of October and I’m starting it right by updating this blog. I hope you will enjoy. (I’ll try to update this as frequent as I can, maybe weekly?)

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