In The Rain (Everything Is Gray)

Puddled concrete pavements reflect the ashen gray
clouds, the sun shines without a trace in the January
sky. The sound of raindrops—softly clanging unto thin
metal rooftops—voids other noise. I count the days
of your absence in cups of bitter coffee. My hand yearns for yours
as I hold the steaming mug, then I sip the bitter. It never tastes
sweet despite the heaps of sugar I put in, perhaps
it’s my numb tongue, perhaps—
everything is in grayscale after you left
I light a stick of cigarette. Smoke thaws my freezing
fingertips, I let it. I hold the smoke in for a moment
before exhaling. From my bedroom window—raindrops
tap, tap, tap against the glass pane—I look across the street.
The rainwater keeps chasing the sidewalk,
the rain doesn’t seem to stop.


This has been published in the Issue 5: “At Rest” of The Youth is on Fire, the e-zine of Philippine STAR’s! Read the e-zine here for free:


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